Friday, July 1, 2016

Washington LCB "Asleep at the Wheel" on Medical Cannabis Database

SB 5052 Protects State Coffers Rather Than Patients 

It's July 1, 2016, the day that I, along with my fellow medical cannabis patients in Washington State, can no longer go to a non-profit medical dispensary to obtain medicine.  Also, the day Senate Bill 5052 assured us we would be able to purchase medicine tax-free at recreational cannabis stores.  To less than my amazement, the database that would allow this ISN'T ready. 

Let that sink in for a second if you take medicine on a daily basis. Imagine, the legislature decided they were in jeopardy of losing out on some tax dollars, so for whatever medicine you take: you can't go to wherever you used to get it, the store you can go to has a similar type but not the same, and now you have to pay nearly double the cost because you're taxed on it.  Anyone mad yet? Now let's say in order to get the amount of medicine you need, you must choose to either, pay the cost of renting a 2 bedroom apartment or risk criminal behavior, or both.  I think most people will agree that neither of those are an acceptable choice.

This November, a vast amount of voters will exercise their rights to choose people to represent their views in government.  If the information above worries you, that the people currently making decisions aren't representing your views, please use that opportunity to choose someone who will. 

I for one, cannot, in good conscience, vote for ANY incumbent Washington State Congressperson that voted in favor of Senate Bill 5052.  Unfortunately, Governor Jay Inslee will not be receiving my vote either.  While I do find areas of his leadership commendable, his willingness to allow this type transgression to a bill he signed into law disqualifies him as a person able to effectively represent MY views.  


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